Vision and Mission

The Center for Biomedical and Population Health Informatics pursues a tripartite mission of innovative biomedical informatics research, training, and service in a highly diverse multidisciplinary environment.

Research in the Center is focused on developing and implementing creative informatics solutions that improve access to heterogeneous biomedical data streams and catalyze data science; promoting personalized health informatics driven by social determinants of health and individualized patient profiles; using big data to support pioneering models of health care delivery; facilitating monitoring of health care quality; and preventing disease at individual, population, and global health levels.

Training in the Center aims at promoting informatics literacy, facilitate faculty development, and
educate future biomedical informatics leaders for careers in academia, industry, and government.

Services provided by the Center comprise practical informatics tools that catalyze use of secondary
data for knowledge discovery and predictive analytics, and translate these discoveries into routine
clinical practice in the context of a learning health care system.

The mission of the Center is:

  • to provide a successful self-sustainable academic home for biomedical informatics faculty at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS)
  • to capitalize upon existing excellence in clinical practice and research at Mount Sinai
  • to utilize comprehensive multidisciplinary expertise and experience of Mount Sinai faculty
  • to coordinate the program development with ISMMS mission and leadership including CTSA and TCI